James Clark

Hey, I'm James.

I’m an organiser, writer and social movement nerd. I’m working to solve the climate crisis and make the internet a place where the working class can flourish. I’m often fairly tired.

I have over a decade of experience working with non-profits and social movements at the intersection of digital technology, mass mobilisation and communications. I’ve led international teams, produced content that’s reached millions of people, and managed projects that mobilised people all over the world. All in the pursuit of building enough collective power to transcend the forces of extractive capitalism.

I’m the current Executive Director of Digital Rights Watch, a co-founder of Tomorrow Movement and an alumni of 350.org’s global digital team.

This website is both an attempt at some personal branding, an unavoidable part of modern life, and a space for collecting and sharing links, reflections and notes about social movements, organising and political strategy.

I’m also a human with interests outside of work. Those interests include, but are not limited to: listening to pop music, dancing at festivals, watching sports, seeing action films, and talking nonsense with friends. I will occasionally write about those things too.