With Joel Fitzgibbon Gone, the Australian Labor Party Must Stop Appeasing the Fossil Fuel Lobby

Me in Jacobin: The Labor Left’s dogged pursuit of appeasement has failed. Although he has now been relegated to the backbench, Joel Fitzgibbon’s public guerilla war has inflicted enormous damage, undermining Labor’s already weak climate…

Morrison’s Stimulus Is A Wasted Opportunity Young People Need Long Term Fixes, Not A Bailout For Big Business.

There are policy options that will help us avoid a recession and improve the lives of millions of people who are already struggling, so why isn’t our government exploring them?

The Australian Labor Party’s Official Election Review Learns All the Wrong Lessons

Decades of neoliberalism have left Labor trapped in a triangulation game that they can’t win. Craig Emerson and Jay Weatherill’s election review offers no way out.

Life Update Time

After 5 years, I’m leaving 350.org.

A warning we can’t ignore

The IPCC’s Special Report on 1.5°C destroys any doubt that the fossil fuel industry is at war with our future. We need to confront them head on.

The 10 Objectively Best Songs of 2017

Having such great taste and being this correct all the time is tiring, but it’s a burden I am willing to bear.