James Clark

Published articles and other featured writing

  1. 28 April, 2022

    Digital platforms are at the centre of modern life and we deserve to have a real say in shaping how those platforms work and who they work for. We should be able to engage in civic life free from surveillance, manipulation and control.

  2. 05 July, 2021

    Supermarkets under capitalism are exploitative and ecologically damaging, shaping what we produce as well as what we consume. In public hands, following a different logic, they could supply the creative core of a democratically planned socialist economy.

  3. 30 August, 2020

    What does it mean for the human experience when technology is blurring the lines between real life and entertainment, past and present, experience and memory? That is the central question that U2 were exploring with their 1991–93 tour, Zoo TV.