Tomorrow Movement Building the movement to solve the climate crisis and end unemployment.

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Tomorrow Movement is building unstoppable movement of young people fighting for a society with good jobs, great public services and a safe climate for all.

Our economy isn’t built to work for us. The deep transformations that are required to solve the climate crisis are exciting. We can raise the living standards of millions of people by creating good jobs that deliver universal public services to our communities. We can work less and live more. All while cutting our emissions to zero and preparing our cities and towns for the climate impacts we can no longer avoid. Tomorrow Movement believes we don’t need to smuggle these ideas in behind “climate action”, we should lead with them.

I was a part of the small founding team which developed the story, strategy, and structure of this new movement. Since launching in March 2019 I have been acting as the Communications Director, responsible for developing our voice, engaging audiences and growing accelerating the growth of our movement.

In our first year we launched the campaign for a Climate Jobs Guarantee, a plan to stop the climate crisis and end unemployment and held our first national day of action. Despite the challenges of Covid shutdowns, we trained over 200 young people to be a part of our movement.

In September 2020 we organised our first grassroots mobilisation called No Turning Back. During the week when temporary government support for vulnerable people was being cut. young people all across the country organised actions to demand a recovery from Covid that put people first, not just big business.