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01 September, 2017

Sam Kriss and Ellie Mae O’Hagan:

The problem, it turns out, is not an overabundance of humans but a dearth of humanity. Climate change and the Anthropocene are the triumph of an undead species, a mindless shuffle toward extinction, but this is only a lopsided imitation of what we really are. This is why political depression is important: zombies don’t feel sad, and they certainly don’t feel helpless; they just are. Political depression is, at root, the experience of a creature that is being prevented from being itself; for all its crushingness, for all its feebleness, it’s a cry of protest.

There is a lot in this article. Take the time to read it, it’s worth it. The idea that stopping climate change means learning to be human is a powerful one. Not only are we alienated from our labour, from our politics and each other; we are alienated from ourselves and our own humanity.

Our inhumanity is moving us towards extinction; only awakening our humanity can save us.

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